Combining religions in funerals

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Combining religions in funerals

My mother converted to Judaism when she married her second husband. When she died it was a little confusing to work out what kind of ceremony to have for her funeral as she was brought up a Catholic and brought up the children from her first marriage (including me) as Catholic. The funeral home was a great help in this tricky time as they worked with the rabbi to work in some of the aspects of both religions and we ended up with a really beautiful service that everyone enjoyed. This blog has ideas on how to incorporate multiple religions into one funeral service.

Great Ways to Keep Your Loved One's Memory Alive After They Pass

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you will experience in life and letting go can feel impossible. This is a really emotionally charged moment and you will need to ensure you don't make rash decisions that could stop you from remembering your loved one fondly in the future. It can be super hard to overcome emotion to take care of the administrative part of things which is why it is always good to have a plan in the event of someone's death. Here are three ways you can keep your loved one's memory alive going in the event of their passing.

Cemetery Monuments

If you are like the millions of other Australians who have decided to have a physical burial plot for your loved one then it can be thoughtful to have some effort put into their grave. Cemetery monuments can be tailored to your specific design and incorporate bits and pieces of the memory of your loved one like perhaps their favourite colour, a chiselled engraving of their portrait or just a few words they used to live by. Funeral homes often can put you in touch with very capable cemetery monument contractors who specialise in this area. The most important part is to not get too elaborate but keep it minimal so that you don't regret parts that look trendy now but might seem gaudy in the future.

Keep a Memento of Theirs as a Part of Your Life

Often your loved one will bequeath relatives with their many possessions and this can often include a lot of knick-knacks and heirlooms that are often subsequently put into storage and never seen again. Why not instead make the effort to keep their treasured items as a part of your life going forward. Even something as little as a keyring or a vase carries a lot of meaning when it has connections to a very close relative or friend. 

Celebrate Their Birthday

Celebrating a past loved one's birthday can be a great way to reminisce over your shared experiences with them. All these memories can bring back a lot of feelings of love and closeness to the deceased and also with the rest of the people who have made the effort to come and celebrate with you. Low key events are better, such as a simple barbecue or a nice meal out. Places with the space to talk freely are a must and you should give everyone adequate time to talk if they feel they need too.