Combining religions in funerals

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Combining religions in funerals

My mother converted to Judaism when she married her second husband. When she died it was a little confusing to work out what kind of ceremony to have for her funeral as she was brought up a Catholic and brought up the children from her first marriage (including me) as Catholic. The funeral home was a great help in this tricky time as they worked with the rabbi to work in some of the aspects of both religions and we ended up with a really beautiful service that everyone enjoyed. This blog has ideas on how to incorporate multiple religions into one funeral service.

Considerations When Choosing A Coffin For A Departed Loved One

Although it's not something that you forward to, you may one day find yourself in a position where you have to choose a suitable coffin for a departed loved one.  But how do you go about such a sensitive and potential emotional task?  Read on for some helpful tips.

Where do you go for coffin shopping?

You won't find a store selling coffins on your local high street, so just where do you go to make such a purchase?  The best place to start your enquiries is at your local funeral home.  The funeral director will be able to discuss options and pricing with you, as well as show you a range of coffins that might be suitable.

If you want something very specific, for example, a painted or coloured coffin, the funeral home will be able to put you in touch with an appropriate supplier.

How much should you spend on a coffin?

There's always a temptation to overspend on funeral arrangements, including coffins.  Remember that the person who has died will not be able to see what they are being buried in, and although you don't want to appear miserly, it's not wise to put yourself into debt purely to pay for a top-of-the-range coffin.

The best advice here is to set a budget and choose a nice coffin that is easily affordable.

What type of coffin should you choose?

These days there are many different options when it comes to choosing coffins.  A good starting point when faced with such a wide choice is to consider the views and lifestyle of the person being buried.  For example, if they were very environmentally conscious, you might want to consider a coffin made of wood that has a sustainable source or even choose a casket made from natural materials such as wicker, bamboo or cardboard.

You also need to consider where the interment is going to take place.  If your loved one is to be buried at a woodland or natural burial site, there may be stipulations given as to the material the casket is made from. You'll need to check this with the burial site before you make a purchase.

If you're planning on having an open casket, it can be a nice idea to keep the coffin itself fairly plain, surround it with fresh flowers, and arrange for the deceased to be dressed in one of their favourite outfits.  This ensures that the focus remains on the person themselves, without the distraction of an overly-grandiose coffin that might detract from the occupant.

Alternatively, if the deceased didn't want floral tributes at their funeral, you could choose a coffin that's painted with floral designs or even a beautiful, peaceful landscape.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the considerations that you'll need to bear in mind when choosing a coffin for a departed loved one.  For more information and advice, why not discuss the matter with your local funeral home?