Combining religions in funerals

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Combining religions in funerals

My mother converted to Judaism when she married her second husband. When she died it was a little confusing to work out what kind of ceremony to have for her funeral as she was brought up a Catholic and brought up the children from her first marriage (including me) as Catholic. The funeral home was a great help in this tricky time as they worked with the rabbi to work in some of the aspects of both religions and we ended up with a really beautiful service that everyone enjoyed. This blog has ideas on how to incorporate multiple religions into one funeral service.

Four Ways A Funeral Home Can Help You Honour Culture And Tradition

Culture and traditions are an important part of life. When someone we love dies, it is natural to want to honour their memory. Funeral homes are there to help you do this. They can help you find the right funeral arrangements for your loved one's service and burial or cremation. They can also help you with cultural needs, such as arranging for a traditional wake or burial ceremony and including customs common in Asian funerals. Read More