Combining religions in funerals

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Combining religions in funerals

My mother converted to Judaism when she married her second husband. When she died it was a little confusing to work out what kind of ceremony to have for her funeral as she was brought up a Catholic and brought up the children from her first marriage (including me) as Catholic. The funeral home was a great help in this tricky time as they worked with the rabbi to work in some of the aspects of both religions and we ended up with a really beautiful service that everyone enjoyed. This blog has ideas on how to incorporate multiple religions into one funeral service.

Ever Thought About a Family Mausoleum?

Each year, 14.7 million people visit the Pyramids of Egypt. But how many of these visitors think about the fact that they're essentially visiting a selection of gigantic mausoleums constructed to entomb royalty? If you were ever considering your own mausoleum, your plans might not be as ambitious as a pyramid, but some people like the idea of a mausoleum for their final resting place. Contemporary mausoleums might be smaller scale than their world heritage counterparts, but they are still seen in Australian cemeteries. Read More 

3 Great Qualities You Should Consider When Hiring a Funeral Director

After losing a loved one, a family needs someone who can stand with them during the trying moment. No matter how strong you might feel or look, the pain of losing a loved one may sometimes overwhelm you. This means you won't be in a good position to plan a deserving funeral service for the deceased.  In this situation, you need a funeral director to help you plan a befitting send-off ceremony so you can get some quality time to mourn your loved one. Read More 

3 Reasons to Choose a Granite Monument Headstone

While monument headstones are often made from materials like marble, granite is also a popular stone. Why is it often a better option than marble? 1. Granite Makes a More Durable Headstone While marble headstones look great to start with, they don't always create a lasting memorial. Marble is a relatively soft material. It can scratch and chip. Its soft composition makes it prone to erosion over the years. Plus, marble doesn't always cope with weather exposure all that well. Read More